Shopping mood in this summer.

Stay home and click a perfect picture from home.

I wasn’t really interested in these soes, until these genial beauties converted me. I’ve recently had the revelation that my soes are almost always quite experimental and/or have tons of going on – so the best kind of footwear i should be investing in is more subtle colors. To see the current circumstances and environment I wasn’t sure about them. But I finally got them through online store.

Found this crazy soes during covid-19 that ‘kinda’ falls into the subtle category and I genuinely cannot get my feet off them. Best trendy footwear that I got in this summer.but don’t forget #stayhome and #staysafe.

Secret of Bill Gates’s success.

In an interview with Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, The interviewer asked him, “Sir, what is the secret of your success?” He gave her a cheque from his chequebook and told her to write down the amount she wanted. She said, “I do not mean this sir,” and then She repeated the question in another way. He gave her the same answer as he handed her the cheque she had refused to collect but she still declined. He tore the cheque and then said to her… “The secret of my success is that I dont miss opportunities as you did now .. You could have been the richest broadcaster in the world”

I never lose , I either win or learn and you ?

‘Always be in love with soul ❤️ not face.’

‘Honest feelings and bad timing make the most painful combination.’.

‘Train your mind to be calm in every situation.’

I’m the girl,

Who is always there for people when they need a friend. I’m also girl who faces many issues alone but will still do anything to see someone else smile 🙈❤️.

In a week , accepted a glowing skin challenge.

Wanna defeat me?

Welcome back on my blog guys..🙂

Here I am going to tell you 6 things to accept glowing skin challenge 💛

First of should walk for 20 minutes every day 🕗🙎it keeps your mind fresh

2. Drink a glass of warm water in morning 🌞.

3. You should wash your face with germ flour daily.

4. Eat a citrus fruit daily.

5. Massage with aloe vera before sleeping in 🌃 night.

6. Massage face with raw milk daily.

ZEESEA Matte Lipstick for your bold lips

Discover these fantastic ZEESEA Matte 💄 lipsticks. Explore and try on my nude and bold lips 💋. Now i can completely say that what a great product this is ❤️❤️. I truly truly appreciated and fall in love with this 🌺. When I heard about it I have a little doubt coz I never ever use any strange products but after so many suggestions I tried and find out a glow that was hidden in me . It also resemble my confidence . So I just wanna say that whenever you go out side as party, restaurant, work place and many others etc. U can use this in every is very light and soft .

Soft pink lips overnight remedy 🌺


Mix lemon juice and honey 🍯 and apply it on your lips 😍

Coconut oil….

Apply a small amount of coconut oil before going to the bed to wake up to baby softy pink lips ❤️

Aloe vera….

Apply aloe vera before going to bed on your lips..


Apply ghee on your lips before going to the bed .

I hope my all remedy will be proof as a boon for you if you try it.

If u want to Know more remedies related to your skin , hair and beauty so you can tell me..🌺 I will try to help you, guys.

Have a great day

My lip’s #bff
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