What’s the self love ❤️.

When you open
Your eyes
Say healthy “Hello”
To yourself
Any digital
Have a gesture in
With esteem & affection
By avoiding
Animate your happiness
In smile
It(smile) will hold
Your hand
Take away from
This world
, Get
My anode always
Touchs to sky
Full filled
Amplitude by
God’s grace..✨
Don’t care what
They are saying,
Don’t care what
They are anecdotes
Just chill dude
They are
Amusing ✨
And finally
Say goodbye
Good ✨,

Drop your response ✨ (ig :- _muskan.tomar_)


A soldier of Indian Army in Kashmir used to withdraw 100 RS note everyday from ATM.

This continued for the next few weeks. One day the guard at the ATM asked the soldier…

Sir, why do you withraw 100 RS daily from ATM? when you can withdraw hafty amount which will last for a week.

On this question the soldier smiled and replied- ” My wife mobile number is linked with my bank account.when I withdraw money from ATM. She get the message in her Mobile. The way she knows I’m alive”✨

You’re actually blocking money. #lawofattraction

You’re actually BLOCKING money.

Yeah… I’m not going to go into the energetics and the exact science on how right now, instead I’m going to say (lawofattraction) . Actually I’m not interested in science too😅.

You may not realize this… but if you’re saying negative things about money, wishing you had more of it, afraid to charge more… you’re blocking money.

That’s right… you’re stopping money from coming into your life. You can buy anything but not every thing. You have to change your perspective to understand the state of affairs. Always be positive or assertive not negative or aggressive.this is the only mantra to understand every circumstances.

How do you fix it? Well ,simply change your thoughts! It’s the only way to attract money.


What is the business?

What is the business?
Hare is so many economic activities like business but you know what they are in fact different from business, why?
so here I discuss some activities look similar like a business but not business in actual.
Profession – profession is different from business otherwise we can say that business is different from profession because business involve risk capital entrepreneur ships exchange of goods and services for profit making and satisfy the customer’s needs and desire but profession avoid such like activities. Profession provides a system and specialised body for formal knowledge and training for its practice. And it is also founded upon a code of conduct for example we can see that doctor lawyer professor engineers etc. Every profession to cross a body of specialised knowledge and minimum formal education and training and it is found of code of conduct one and one of the most important think business have risk to lose profit but in profession there is is no risk any kind of.

Occupation – occupation and business is not similar because occupation is an activities in which an individual engage himself regularly and we can say that he and profit for livelihood by using his skills and talents. It is a regular work in order to earn money. He doesn’t required any formal education training specialised skills and training. He must have personal God gifted skills or talent. And it is also creates contractual obligation. Here could be a little bit of risk.

Employment – other hand we can call it service. where a person is employed under a contract by another person or third party for a specified remuneration.persons in employment don’t require any capital entrepreneurships almost no risk is involved in this.

How to get rid with old scars.

First of all, I apologize
for making it so late.because here
I just post things I find useful.
really internet is full fill with such kinda remedies
to remove old scars.
and after study ,i found it,Home remedies will not be
able to erase a scar completely.
Due to the low risk of side effects, however
, they may be an option to consider for
mild to moderate improvement.
Many other home remedies have been promoted as
scar removers, such as aloe vera, honey, and olive oil.
While these natural substances may
help soften and smooth skin, and likely will not
do any harm, no studies have yet
found these substances to work in
reducing or removing scars.
but after so many oversight i found

Patanjali Saundarya Aloe Vera Gel.
i have also a little experince with this gel to
remove old marks on my legs.
Gel helps to maintain good skin
Gently cleanses and repairs skin and Gives you pure,
healthy and natural looking skin which relaxes cuts,
insect bites and several other skin problems.

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